We transform your company outing into a film festival.

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Filmshoot as a team event
For 10 to 500 people

In Switzerland and in neighbouring countries
In English, German or French

The Videoentertainers turn your team building activities, corporate event or team event into your very own film festival.

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You get team building activities tailored to the size of your group (10-500) that is flexible in place and time.



On the day of the team building activities, groups of 10 to 30 people will develop and produce films under the guidance of the Videoentertainers.



All films which will be made during the team event activities will be edited by the Videoentertainers at the site of the film shoot. All entries will then be shown on a large screen during your own premiere.



Subsequently, you will get all films on your own private channel, and you will be able to watch them on all computers, TVs or smartphones. Your film festival team event activities will remain in remembrance.



From the very beginning we were convinced that film shooting would be an activity that our mixed group of people from different ages and nationalities would love.
The contact with Videoentertainers was excellent. Always available to answer our questions.
They provided good suggestions to choose a location to perform the activity and were very flexible.
The event was great, the location, a very nice house at the lake, could not have been better. We split the group in 2 different teams, each guided by one video specialist.
Everyone had a lot of fun during the preparation of the movies and even more when filming them. The atmosphere was cool and John’s team was very supportive. The make-up artist made our zombie actors look really scary!
During the closure of the event with the award ceremony and the projection of the movies people were laughing non-stop 😀
Overall, a great experience! We highly recommend this kind of activity which can help improving the team spirit and gives the chance to people to interact with each other and have fun!

We had a blast! From A-Z everything was organised very professionally. There were around 200 people to be entertained and John’s team did a fantastic job. The process of developing a script, searching for locations as well as choosing costumes and make-up was really fun. The video’s were cut and prepared for presentation and everyone was amazed about the quality and how well they were put together. The presentation of the video’s was a real highlight and the team made a big effort to make things exciting. The film festival was simply amazing and a great success thanks to the Videoentertainers team!

I can recommend a film shooting for team building activities. It gives the team the opportunity to get to know each other from a very different viewpoint away from the daily work and regular structure of an office. During the development of the movie, ideas, creativity, and imagination from everyone of the team are required. At the beginning of the film shooting everyone was a bit timid and restrained because no one could really imagine that in such short time a good movie could be created. But then, when people started throwing out ideas the room became more and more vivid, exciting and emotional. Things can get really interesting during the distribution of the roles when a supervisor is assigned to the role of crook or bum. We still laugh in the department about a number of moments that happened during the film shooting, and we have watched the DVD several times.

The team of “Pilatus” office and I fully enjoyed the team building activities for the 10th anniversary on the “Pilatus Praxis”. During the film shooting Thom and John encouraged us with their easygoing, funny, and professional support to reach our peak performance. The movie is awesome!

We had an amusing and diverse day with our company. Climax* was the right decision! The acting, the dressing up, and the coming up with a short story was great fun for all, moreover, it promoted teamwork. We have discovered acting skills amongst our employees. The two movies will always remind us of the fun team building activities in Basel. The DVD for each employee was a great surprise – thank you Climax for the fantastic day!
*Now: Videoentertainers

For the 50th anniversary of our foundation we wanted to organize special team building activities for our employees. This was made possible with the help and support of “Climaxevent*”. In the Black Forest, on a beautiful old Black Forest farm surrounded by magnificent landscape, 10 entertaining movies were made, which all made us burst into laughter. It was the highlight for all of us who where there. A heartfelt thank you goes to the film crew for their efforts and also for their flexibility with regard to the location!
*Now: Videoentertainers

The team building activities, which we created together with ClimaxEvent, was cinema at its best! The participants were enthusiastic and everybody was wrapped up in his or her role. The highlight came at the dinner where the noise level increased with every movie scene. All in all, an awesome event with a brilliant performance by the Climax* team.
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For our residential group of people with disabilities it was a fantastic experience to disappear for few hours into a role, and create this funny movie. The result fascinated all. The residents of the residential group as well as the staff were bubbling over with joy when they could see themselves on the screen. Even to this day, they talk about this very special event.
People with disabilities have special needs and the crew of Climaxevent* responded to them with a lot of sensitivity. This attitude is not always displayed and we would love to say thank you for this.
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