Corporate Event



It takes only a minute to fill out this request form. While filling out the form, you get the opportunity to inform us about your ideas about your corporate event, and you can also give us basic information such as group size, date and place. After that, you will receive a quote tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


Once the scope of your film festival is clarified, we will start with the planning. The dates, times, venue and the framework of the corporate event will be determined, and the Videoentertainers will be booked for this event.


Technical equipment and film props will be prepared for this corporate event. Depending on whether you specify a theme or subject, Videoentertainers will be informed about your wishes. You will divide your team into groups of 10 to 30 people.



Your team will work in groups of 10 to 30 people. You can determine the group combination yourselves in advance in order to promote quality team building. Of course, the team can also be divided during the corporate event. Each group will be coached by a Videoentertainer.


Whether feature film, commercial, documentary, or sketch comedy, the participants choose the format during the corporate event themselves. Of course, you have the opportunity to create the movie according to your ideas and expectations.


The stories that are going to be filmed will be developed by the team on the spot. Furthermore, you can request a specific topic or you can give free rein to the participants. The movie teams will be supported by a professional Videoentertainer during the corporate event, so that the stories can be completed within the time available.


All equipment such as costumes, props, and make-up for this corporate event will be provided by us. Particularly, in the case of company outings it is, however, advisable to bring your own items, e.g., pens, t-shirts, and notepads, etc. The recognition of your company’s brand in the movies is very important.

Filming Location

Once the script is finished, the filming location will be determined. In this way, the office may very well turn into a crime scene or the park into a film set. Just like the venue itself, filming settings are very flexible. The Videoentertainers know how to make the best use of each filming location.


Usually, a film event shoot takes 2 to 4 hours. Certainly, we can tailor the corporate event according to your own desired schedule. After the film event is shoot, we only need about 1.5 hours in order to edit the footage for the movie. Meanwhile, the teams usually enjoy an aperitif or dinner while we are working.

Screening & Movies


After all the editing is done, the premiere will take place as the highlight of the corporate event. All films will be shown on a big screen; where the different qualities of your teams’ efforts can be observed.

Award Presentation

After all the movies are shown, the event participants will select the best actress and the best actor, the best film idea and the best film. Upon the awarding of the “Videoentertainers Award” this extraordinary corporate event will reach its end in a small ceremony.

Movies online

After the corporate event, all films will be available online in a password-protected channel for watching and downloading. By request, copies on DVD, Blu-ray, or others media can be ordered.