Frequently asked questions

Up to 500 people. Groups of 10 – 30 people will be created, and each of the groups will create a movie with the help of a Videoentertainer.

You determine where the filmfestival corporate event takes place. The event is very flexible; the Videoentertainers work in various languages around the globe.

It is part of the event that the stories are created on location. Meanwhile, the teams will be supported by the Videoentertainers.

Between 2 and 4 hours. The film event is highly flexible. During the event you may like to have a lunch break, an aperitif, or a dinner.

A film shooting can be booked throughout the entire year.

Yes, the film shooting can take place at any location you wish. We are more than glad to help you with the choice of location for the film shooting.

Of course, a filmfestival event is a great choice for family trips, wedding parties, and school projects.

A last-minute request up to 2 days before the desired film shooting date is possible. However, we recommend booking in advance.

The filmfestival corporate event is suited for all ages. We tailor our services to the costumers.

Depending on the type of movie – usually they take between 1 and 15 minutes.

Yes, costumes are allowed to bring their own costumes, as it also complement the equipment we already provide.

Yes, your own scripts and ideas are welcome, but they are absolutely not required. In most cases, the stories are developed on the spot.

Yes, DVDs and Blu-rays can be ordered from us. The movie will be saved at our place, so even months later you can still order further copies.

On request, we will organize a catering for you.

Our equipment contains diverse costumes, and we continually add new ones to our collection.

The Videoentertainers work with very different equipment. A professional realization of the movie is guaranteed.

After the filmfestival corporate event you will receive a bill, which has to be settled within 15 days.