Video Transcript

The Videoentertainers Film Festival is a fun, diversified and unique team event, offering creative and challenging entertainment for small and large groups.

The event is completely flexible in timing and location and fits easily into other activities.

During the Film Festival your team becomes the film crew and in groups of 10-30 people you’ll shoot your own movies!

Each group is guided by a movie specialist.

The specialist elaborates the movie script, creatively including ideas and suggestions from the participants. He manages the roles of the film crew in front of and behind the camera and helps finding the ideal filming locations.

This way your colleagues will develop a small movie script with their spontaneous ideas and the environment of the event turns into a movie set.

If you wish, we are happy to receive your theme for the day in advance, which leads the film crew and the movies in your desired direction.

Once all shots are made, a drink, dinner or a program of your choice awaits your team.

Meanwhile the designated movie specialists complete your work by cutting the short films.

The highlight of the event will be the presentation of all the short films made during the day. This gives everybody the chance to enjoy the master pieces and to decide which movie, actress and actor are awarded the Videoentertainers Award.

Right after the event, all the movies will be provided online for downloading.

Contact us today for a non-binding offer to your own Film Festival!